Lawsyst Practice Management Software Features

Phone Book & Click to Dial

Each call that comes in or goes out from your business is logged and easily accessible from within the Lawsyst interface. Where a call is linked with a client, it is linked with the matter and a time entry is automatically created based on the matter fee structure applied.

Law Types & Matter Management

Lawsyst supports almost all branches of law and matter types. Its flexible enough to add more types and define a workflow for each.

Fee Structure

Various fee structures are supported, including the fixed fee, agreed fee, hourly rate & contingency based fee.

Matter Communication

All matter communication such as regular post, emails, letters out, phones calls and chats are stored under one convenient place and linked with the matter readily accessible from anywhere using a computer or through mobile devices.

Matter Contacts

Matter contacts, such as billers, experts, co-clients, other parties and any other contacts that need to be associated with the matter can be easily created or linked.

Matter Times Recording

All matter time recordings are created and stored within the matter files which are then available at the time of billing.


Out of pocket costs, barrister’s fees and other expenses related to a matter are recorded within the matter disbursements section. Like the matter time recording, these can also be billed at the time of invoicing.

Matter Ledger

Lawsyst supports both client and office accounting models out of the box. Transferring money from one account to other, recording payments and making invoices paid are done within a couple of clicks.

Matter Tasks & Calendar

Matter related tasks are created and held within the matter file to stay on top of the case. Key dates and compliance checks such as identity verification, conflict check, AML check and other risks are recorded and checked here.

Court Bundles

Creating court bundles on the fly is a unique bolt-on feature for Lawsyst users. Say good bye to the laborious task of manually paginating a court bundle.

Full Bookkeeping Software

The Built-in double entry accounting package allows you to record sales & purchase invoices, expenses with the correct ledger codes. The usual accounting reports can be printed or send via pdf format.
Alternatively, Lawsyst also links with Xero if you prefer to keep your accounting as is.

MTD-ready, HMRC Approved

Making tax digital for VAT is another feature of the Lawsyst practice management system. No need to subscribe to third-party software when all can be done within the Lawsyst software.


Access control is one the strongest points of the Lawsyst system. At the minimum, we use encryption together with Integrated Microsoft Azure Single Sign One capability, in addition location and device based access control are some of the features available in Lawsyst at no extra cost.

Cloud Storage Integration

Lawsyst integrates with many cloud storage providers, including:
One Drive, GSuite, Drop Box, Office 365, Exchange Online, Gmail , Xero , Making Tax Digital etc.

Outlook & Microsoft Word Plugin

Lawsyst seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook & Word allowing a user to link email messages and Word documents to a matter.

24 Hours Support

Lawsyst operates 24 hours manned support between Monday and Friday. You are just a button press away from a live support person.

“It solves your biggest issue of dealing with multiple vendors such as software licensors, data storage, Bookkeeping software, telecommunication, email, website maintenance and IT support. For most legal firms, all that is needed is taken care of within a single subscription of the Lawsyst SaaS offering. Support is literally a button press away from your desktop or mobile phone.”

– Says Afzaish Naveed, Managing Partner at lawsyst.

Be it your marketing department, accounts, operations, litigation or sales, Lawsyst has tools for each. The Lawsyst team is constantly adding more useful features.

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