Lawsyst has been designed and honed to provide law firms with fully integrated features to effectively manage and grow your firm. Our highly adaptable Law Practice Management Software for lawyer will give the edge over your competitors.

Whether you have a single office or multiple branches in different locations, our completely scalable software can adjust to suit your business needs. With fully integrated features, Lawsyst performs seamlessly, and automates administrative tasks, improving your organization’s performance and productivity.

Specifically designed to enhance the performance of your law firm, Lawsyst allows your firm to reach new heights.

Excellent Value for Money

Lawsyst is one of the best law practice management software for lawyers in New Zealand. It is flexible and represents great value for money, helping law firms to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity. Its fully integrated features help in increasing the firm’s competitiveness.

The Functionality

Lawsyst has been developed to meet the needs of law firms in New Zealand. Powerful legal billing software in NZ with advanced functionality makes it easier and faster to perform daily tasks and improve a firm’s productivity. Its rich features ../include Contact Management, Case Management, Work Flow, Billing and Invoicing, and Integrated Phone System, and Integrated Storage.

Streamline Operations

Lawsyst brings efficiency in all areas of operations in your law practice. It automates the workflow to track, manage, and optimize the administrative processes of law firms. With cloud-based legal billing software, you can manage your work on the move.

Eco-friendly Law Practice

Usage of paper is a major part of any law practice and it is also considered a significant part of causing havoc on our planet. Lawsyst’s advanced features liberate law firms from paper filing and help to perform eco-friendly law practice.

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