Lawsyst – legal case management software

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lawsyst in a nutshell

Contact Management

  • Global contact directory
  • View communication history by matter


  • Apply pre-made workflows or create your own
  • Track case statuses
  • Track Employee productivity

Integrated Phone System

  • Receive and make calls with a click of button
  • Never miss a missed call™
  • Listen to call recordings
  • Attach voice memos with the matters

Case Management

  • Create, view and manage matters
  • Create correspondence
  • Control access

Billing & Invoicing

  • Time entries from phone calls or manually entered
  • Create bills, invoices and send via email or post
  • Post payments and create statements

Integrated Storage

  • Cloud or local storage
  • Controlled access from anywhere
  • Document management and archiving system

The Jewel In The Crown

Lawsyst, the best legal case management software is unlike ordinary CRM software systems. It is a platform that offers a truly integrated Unified Communication experience with real-time data from the telephony infrastructure.

Address Book

  • Maintain easy companywide address book
  • Add new callers to the address book
  • Synchronise address book with mobile devices


  • See who is logged in and who is away
  • See user location
  • Can be used for HR purposes to establish attendance

Realtime Call Control

  • See real-time call progress
  • See if a user is on a call and if the call is internal or external
  • Click to call from any page
  • Transfer a call via click of a mouse

Realtime Chat

  • Communicate with co-workers via instant chat
  • Broadcast a message
  • See online or offline status

Realtime Recordings

  • Record external calls
  • Listen to external or internal calls
  • Recordings are attached with the case file automatically

Voicemail to Email

  • Get voicemail notifications on the screen
  • Send voicemails to email
  • Listen to voicemail on mobile devices on the go

CRM & Lead Management

Lawsyst is a built-in CRM legal case management system with useful features rather than gimmicks that most users get confused with. Simplicity with power is the essence of lawsyst.


  • Client relationship management
  • All communication at one place
  • Global contact list & more…


  • All leads in once place. See who is logged in and who is away
  • Manage leads funnel
  • Allocate leads and stay on top


  • Manage user tasks
  • Never miss a task
  • Achieve KPIs in time


  • Leads conversion
  • Campaign conversion
  • User productivity & more…

Leads from Missed Calls

  • Never miss a missed call™
  • Single click lead creation from a call or a missed call
  • Call back the lead with a single click

Website & Social ../media Leads

  • Bring website leads into the system
  • Integrate Social ../media directly into lead management system
  • Facebook integration

Billing & Accounts

With built-in billing and accounts module that is tightly integrated with clients, suppliers, bank accounts and local authority databases; you will save time by streamlining your bookkeeping process.

Inwards Bills

  • Record inward bills from suppliers
  • Pay bill on time and avoid fines
  • Reconcile with payment methods

Outward Bills

  • Create bills for clients
  • Automatic bills from time entries
  • Automatic bills from phone calls


  • Record reimbursements
  • Approve for payments
  • Reconcile with bank accounts


  • Create invoices from Bills
  • Send Invoices via email / post
  • Send reminders


  • Post invoice payments
  • Legal Aid Entries
  • Received online payments

Account Statements

  • Generate account statements for clients, suppliers and resources
  • Send via email or create PDF

Marketing & Website Integration

Lead wastage is a problem that many firms face. With Lawsyst law practice management software, you can manage leads and improve your conversion rate. You can also measure sale team performance in real-time.


  • Collect emails addresses and send regular newsletters to subscribers

Email Marketing

  • Create lists for opt-in subscribers
  • Send marketing emails and generate more leads


  • Integrate website forms directly into the system
  • Remove duplication of data and tasks

Client Area

  • Offer client portal to see matter status, pay invoices and upload / download documents.

Employee Productivity

Lawsyst, the legal case management software offers various productivity tools that are integrated with clients and cases. As a law firm, you do not need to invest in additional tools apart from standard word processing and email clients.


  • Built-in calendar that is shareable with colleagues and assistants.

Tasks & Reminders

  • Create tasks for self or others
  • Get work completed by the due date

Email Integration

  • Outlook email is integrated. Emails sent to clients are linked with client communication history.


  • Synchronize timesheets with user time entries on tasks.
  • Integrate with attendance system.


  • Work and collaborate on cases. Add notes that are available in real-time to others working on the same matter.


  • Work from home, office or abroad. Use laptop or mobile devices to access data.

Distributed Architecture

Lawsyst is built on a distributed architecture which can be scaled to whatever extent that a business may demand. It can be deployed onsite or in the cloud and offers flexibility to co-exist. Lawsyst exceeds performance and user friendliness benchmarks by leaps and bounds from its competitors. Therefore you can tick it as a preferred case management system for your legal practice.


  • Scalable from a single user to hundreds. Start with a single server and build server farms
  • System grows as your business grows
  • On premise or in the cloud, public or private cloud


  • Each practice has its own dedicated secure hosting environment
  • Built-in firewall along with user level access control

Best Performance

  • Same technology as Facebook and Google use! Best for performance and scalability

No Licensing Fee

  • No expensive operating system or database licensing
  • An appropriate subscription with us ../includes everything you may need

Location Independent

  • You are not bound to a location. Need to move offices or need additional space? Just rent some desks; the rest is already there in the cloud.

Platform Independent

  • Lawsyst is a browser based system that runs on platforms with a browser. These ../include Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android etc.

Best Fit For Your Practice Area

Lawsyst ../includes features that are specifically designed to meet your practice needs

Below are the practice areas that Lawsyst is best fit for